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Licensed Dowser
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Avoid Electropollution, Earth Radiation & Underground Water Sources

Thomas Bunke Baubiologist
Mauerweg 12, 61440 Oberursel
Tel.: +49 (0)178-8391.114
E-Mail: info@bunke-baubiologie.de


Thomas Bunke Baubiologist
Thomas Bunke

Educational and informative lectures, scientifically based and easily understood

A typical lecture covers the following topics:

  • The difference between having a good sleep and sound regeneration- conditions for a healthy sleeping environment
  • Why the remediation of technical fields lead to a good night’s rest
  • Demonstration of how measuring devices work and how these fields can be detected
  • Cause and avoidance of harmful electric and electromagnetic fields in your sleeping environment
  • Demonstration of how a demand or cut off switch works
  • Cause of earth radiation and water veins - demonstration of how dowsing rods work
  • Personal instruction and hands on sessions - try dowsing for yourself
  • Research reports from MD’s, alternative health practitioners, and recovered patients
  • Possibilities of remediation

My lectures are strictly educational and non - commercial and can be held in any part of Germany by covering my costs. ( e.g. transportation, accommodation etc.)

Some of my clients are: Health centers, universities, high schools, natural healing associations, public services, chambers of trades, chambers of commerce, farmers associations, Rotary and Lions clubs, environmental agencies etc.

The lectures are held at no cost and the duration is approximately 60 - 90 minutes.

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