My services to make your home a safe and healthy place

  • Testing of sleeping areas and bedrooms
  • Analysis of office and residential spaces
  • Testing of properties and building lots
  • New home and renovation consulting
  • Well searching and determination of depth
  • Lectures and seminars - Electrosmog and Earth Radiation "The Cause of Illness"
  • Sales and Installation of demand switches (Biologa - test winner)
  • High and low frequency shielding
  • Suppressor, as well as, copper and magnet blanket testing at no charge

Assurance Through Experience

  • Education as licensed Electrical Technician ( 6 years )
  • Specializing in measuring and remediation of Electrosmog & EMF
  • Training at the "Dowser Association"
  • More than 3000 testings done in 15 years
  • More than 70 editorial articles in newspapers Appearances on TV and Radio Shows
  • Over 200 lectures given to special interest groups
  • Recommended by Medical Doctors, Alternative Health Practitioners and Psychologists
  • Written reports on all testing done, Expert advice on remediation