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Thomas Bunke Baubiologist
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Thomas Bunke Baubiologist
Thomas Bunke

Media reports

Frankfurter Neue Presse  The man with the magic hands
Frankfurter Neue Presse, The man with the magic hands

More than 70 editorial articles and appearances on TV and radio shows over the last nine years

Here are some examples: Frankfurter Neue Presse

Frankfurt. Neither is he ancient, nor does he have a big bushy beard and he certainly isn’t a wizard. Thomas Bunke, age 38, born in Wiesbaden with blond hair and blue eyes is an electrical engineering technician. With his big brief case he rushes up the staircase to the 2nd floor of an apartment building in Sachsenhausen. He is a friendly fellow who will have a cup of coffee with you and answer your questions, and there will be lots of them.Bunke is an indoor environmental inspector, but not only that, he also is a dowser and he is going to check the apartment for anything out of the ordinary.
He is one of those people who is able to find invisible things with a wooden rod and he carries one of those rods in his brief case as well as other electrical instruments. His divining rods are not made out of wood. They are either metal or plastic. They look like walking sticks in his hands and they are ready to find something.

If the rods separate from each other, the world in the little bedroom at the Sachsenhaeuser mountain is fine. If they turn towards each other, something is wrong, and that is exactly what happens at the head of the bed. Two geological disturbances cross at that point, probably due to the effects of underground water veins, a common phenomenon in south Frankfurt. Bunke analyses living rooms, bedrooms and building lots. The issues are EMF’s, geological disturbances like water veins, earth crust shifting, radioactivity and magnetic fields.

These factors are not in the best interest of our health. Sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, listless in the morning, headache, dizziness, cervical vertebra pain, back and hip pain, swollen legs, bad blood circulation, rheumatic pains, spasms and even cancer could be the result.

Bunke says: “Over the course of many years we usually reside in the same location and sleep in the same bed”.

Often the symptoms go away during the day because we move around a lot and the exposure time becomes less. Back home in the apartment, the influences are back: the radiation of a cell phone tower mounted on the roof of a neighboring house and the electrical wiring, invisible to us because it is behind the wall. The voltage is everywhere surrounding the bed. No wonder you wake up in the morning and feeling electrically charged. That’s exactly what is happening to you. Our body conducts the electrical signals, augmented by a metal slatted frame and metal coil mattress.
There isn’t much of a chance for our immune systems to relax and recover.

What now? In this case it is an easy fix, Bunke says. We move the bed into a neutral zone and get rid of all the metal, (metal frame and coil mattress). In addition, a demand switch can be installed to shut off the electric field and to guarantee an undisturbed sleep.
( 148 Euro for the switch plus 80 Euro for the installation ).
A propos costs: Thomas Bunke, who works with medical doctors and alternative health practitioners, charges 148 Euro and 20 Euro traveling expenses.