Measurement value protocol

Download file: Meßprotokoll

Who needs a sleeping environment survey ?


Here is a check list to determine if there is a problem in your home.


  Yes No
1. Do you have trouble falling asleep? Is your sleep disturbed? Do you wake up early?

2. Is your sleep shallow? Do you toss and turn a lot?

3. Do you have neck, shoulder or back pain? Is massage therapy only a temporary relief?

4. Do you have a circulatory disorder, cold feet or varicose veins?

5. Do you feel a difference if you sleep somewhere else, for example, in a hotel or at a friend’s place?

6. Do you suffer from high or low blood or pressure? Do you have blood circulation problems? Do you have any aching in the chest area?

7. Do you feel tense, stiff and knocked out in the morning? Does it take a while to get you going?

8. Do you suffer from migraine headache or dizziness? Are you sometimes lightheaded?

9. Do you feel lacking in energy, listless or exhausted during the day?

10. Does your sleep get worse during a full moon? Do certain conditions become worse during different moon phases?


If you answered 5 questions with a “yes”, most likely you have a radiation exposure in your sleeping environment as a possible cause for ailments.

Even if you answered only 3 or 4 questions with yes, there might be the possibility of
unnecessary radiation exposure as a side effect and a cause for health problems.

Why you should have an inspection of your sleeping environment