Measurement value protocol

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Why you should have an inspection of your sleeping environment?

The two main sources of life energy are food and regeneration
( sleep ).
In a year, a person spends approximately 3000 hours sleeping, usually in the same place. During the day we move around and have balance between healthy and non healthy zones. At night, our body functions change into relaxation mode. During the deep sleep phases, our body becomes very sensitive to external influences, such as light, noise, unnatural electromagnetic fields and geopathic disturbances (earth radiation).

Our immune system has to fight against these influences in order to assure the regeneration of our body cells, which is part of the human metabolism. Over the years, according to the strengths of these external influences, our immune system becomes tired and weakens, allowing the floodgates to open to all kinds of medical conditions. The nightly self - healing process is blocked more and more.

The consequence - degeneration instead of regeneration.

The remediation of these nightly disturbances enables the body to return to its normal self - healing capability. The aftereffect or abatement of medical conditions can be observed in 4 to 6 weeks. Some of the medical conditions disappear completely, simply because the cause is eliminated.

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Note: All tests are performed to the highest standards of environmental inspection, developed in Germany, following a strict protocol.

  • Distortion of DC magnetic field (natural magnetic field of the earth)
    Caused by coil mattresses, slatted metal frames, box springs and metal parts
  • High Frequency, RF frequency
    Cordless phones (DECT), wireless communication, cell phone towers, radar
  • AC magnetic (electromagnetic) fields (caused by current flow)
    Electrically operated beds, radio clocks, transformer stations, high tension lines, distribution lines, household appliances etc.
  • AC electric field (caused by voltage)
    Electric cables in walls, lamp cords particularly in sleeping areas and children’s rooms
  • Body voltage (capacitive body coupling)
    Caused by AC voltage, 230 V / 50 Hz (Europe) or 110 V / 60 Hz (USA)

Dowsing: Detection of - underground water sources (water veins)

  • cracks and chasms in the earth’s crust
  • geological warpings
  • crossing points of the Hartman and Curry grid

Customers get a written report of all findings and a list of suggestions for remediation.